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The Game changer..

Expert Marketer

What makes us different than other marketers?

Simple. Enrique only operates at 10X levels; It's Enriqué's duty and  moral obligation to operate at maximum effort levels so his clients can reap the full benefits from his services.


Expert Marketer

The Game changer..

Expert Marketer

Enriqué was mentored by some of the most successful influencers in the world today; such as Billy Gene, Dean Graziosi, Grant Cardone, Tai Lopez & Russell Brunson.


The Game changer..

The Game changer..

The Game changer..

Everything is moving to the internet fast! This means video marketing is essential; Viewers relate more to videos visually, auditory & kinesthetically.

Doing your own marketing is time & energy consuming. What else could you accomplish if you had an expert marketer doing that for you?

How To Prospect 10X

This video will show you how our actions really make us different. The energy, focus and passion we use to move us forward are the high standards we set and accomplish for ourselves and our clientele every single day. 

[Memorial Day Sale] Everything 60% OFF

Darmel is a close client of Essential Media Marketing ever since he took immediate action on this Memorial Day sale. Because Darmel's smart choice, we donated over $100 to the Wounded Warrior Project in honor of those who fought for our country (we did that for every person that enrolled).

You can visit Darmel's website (created by us)

E.M.M. Presents: Do You Have A Mission Statement?

Do you have a mission statement? Do you know what a mission statement is? This is one of the fundamentals you MUST have down in order to move forward clearly. Think of this as your game plan for your business

Bruno Tostes Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy

 For more videos of Bruno Tostes you can visit my youtube channel to see some raw action! 

Raw action includes: Breakdown moves, campaigns & ad videos

CHOKE Kimonos- International

CHOKE is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gear- producing company in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. CHOKE Merchandise can be purchased for any BJJ academy or individuals at

CHOKE is an independent company and not owned by Renzo Gracie or any of his affiliate academy's.

(IGTV video)

Albany Pop Warner Football & Cheer

APW is a non profit organization that provides youth football and cheerleading program for the community. Ages starting at 5yr up to 12yrs.  

YAMAGUCHIE; The Only Creative Art Store in Upstate NY

Client: Rashad & Yamar King, owners of YAMAGUCHIE  This store is truly unique..from custom clothes, hats to innovative boxes, chairs, tables literally anything that can be carved they will carve/engrave it! It can an old wooden chair collecting dust or if you're looking for a modern alternative, ask them about their 3D engraving machine!! Yeah its pretty badass, I seen them make lamps with it.. these guys are legit

Schenectady's Greatest Boxing Trainer

Born and raised in Morocco Joe has seen and felt the hardships of Morocco, in a tough environment you are either the predator or the prey, you must learn to defend yourself or become victim. 

Fast forward decades, he now resides in Schenectady, New York. Joe is truly one of the most humble humans I know, I trained under him myself.  Joe has a high intensity work out with the precision techniques of boxing. If his personality doesn't win you over the results he provides you definitely will..

Dr. Vincent Esposito: Chiropractor & Nutritionist

Dr. Vincent Esposito is a keen doctor in both fields. He is young, ambitious and smarter than the usual exaggeration. Vincent has a true passion for nutrition education, he has several clients that he coaches and monitors, he even has a podcast called The Art Of will learn A LOT..also no exaggeration


I learned this from Grant Cardone himself..

Excuse the paint chips, there are about 1,000 other places in my house I could have filmed this but I just don’t care enough about what’s behind me.. its all in the message baby.


If you do not develop haters you are not moving forward, plain and simple. If you can, avoid creating them of course, but when you do achieve haters, naysayers and doubters (notice I said achieve) this is a great indication that you are moving forward!!!

Change the mind set about haters, it’s not a bad’s actually good! They will advertise for you for FREE. It may not be positive but it getting your name out there and that’s what matters the most, breaking obscurity..don’t get it twisted

E.M.M. Presents: Why Isn't Your Bank Account FAT Enough??

Ever wonder why your bank account isn't where you want it to be? 

 Lemme tell you a little secret I learned from studying the big dogs day in and day out (that was another tip right there did you catch that!?)

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